In The Red Jeep, author David Zaiss adds the third and final part to his tale of wrongful discharge and the corporate, for-profit mentality that permeates many public institutions across the country. Although the plot remains in the backdrop of idyllic Northern Michigan, the realities and behavior has far greater reaches.

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What People Are Saying:

Zaiss is the iconoclast of Interlochen, and unrepentant windmill-tilter who has been fired from so many jobs that has has written a novel about his many terminations. He has an acute sense of justice. He is intensely loyal to his friends, and intolerant of tyrants.
~Ted Wendling, Traverse City Record Eagle

Envisions an educational haven taken over by cynics trading on the brand name. The heroes are the few with the courage to confront the cynics and decry the prostitution of their talent and idealism
~David Hattner

Bleak but uplifting … Julian Assange meets Gandhi.
~Paul Hornbeck

A Quixotic whistle-blower pursues his Dulcinea amid Fellini-like architecture and the pointed realism of Pagliacci ... probing.
~Duilio Dobrin

Determined underdogs battle a stifling bureaucracy … a microcosm of this conflicted, tentative nation under the shadow of corruption.”
~Parker Marshall

The book is a protest in and of itself.
~David Zaiss

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